A big thank you to the continued partnership from our sponsors.
Tetra Tech | Emerald
KLA Systems | Ruby
Food Northwest | Topaz
Basic American Foods | Aquamarine
Coal Creek Environmental | Aquamarine
Environmental Standards | Aquamarine
Evoqua Water Technologies | Aquamarine
Building Crafts, Inc. | Turquoise
Cascade Earth Sciences | Turquoise
OBG | Turquoise
Schneider Electric | Turquoise
Veolia Water Technologies | Turquoise
Gannett Fleming | In-Kind

Interested in conference sponsorship?

$500 Turquoise | $750 Aquamarine | $1,000 Topaz | $1,500 Amethyst | $2,000 Ruby | $3,000 Emerald | $4,000 Sapphire | $5,000 Diamond

All sponsored are recognized in the following ways:

  1. Verbal recognition by the Conference Chairman throughout the conference
  2. Recognition and logos in the conference program
  3. Recognition and logos on the conference website
  4. Recognition and logos on the event signage throughout the conference

**Sponsorship does not provide any priority consideration as a speaker or poster presenter, nor does it provide for reduced or free conference registration.

In-Kind sponsorship is always welcome. Sponsors in this category are listed separately along with an explanation of their contribution. In-Kind sponsorships include items such as prizes for golf, food items at registration or in the Hospitality suite etc. Items that are not considered sponsorship are marketing items such as giveaways with a corporate logo.

If you have any questions please contact the 2019 Sponsorship Chair, Stephanie Richardson at stephrich@aol.com.