Call for Presentations & Posters

The 2022 Food & Beverage Environmental Conference (FBEC) presents the annual gathering of food and beverage industry environmental professionals, their environmental consultants and vendors, and the academic community to share environmental engineering knowledge and experience. There are no published conference proceedings and no sales pitches so that the presentations, posters and subsequent discussions can be more candid and enlightening. Presentations are delivered in a single-track, general session format to allow the greatest participation possible. Posters receive maximum interaction and exposure during scheduled networking sessions.

The FBEC Planning Committee is hard at work confirming the program for 2022. Most slots are full but we are still accepting calls for presentations and posters. If interested, please fill out the subsequent forms below.



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Below is a list of the session topics. The presentations should focus on actual case examples from the food and beverage industry. We encourage examples of successes, failures, and lessons learned. NOTE: The Lead presenter MUST be from a food or beverage company or from academia. Presentation guidelines will be issued for all presentations that are accepted.

We look forward to your participation in this valuable and worthwhile food and beverage industry event. If you have questions please reach out to Matt Gabris & Walter Kraus, Proposals Chairs, FBEC 2022

John Kirkpatrick, FBEC 2022 Conference Chair, Email:

Session Subjects

  1. Energy Optimization & Management
  2. Air Quality
  3. Regulatory Updates/Hot Topics
  4. Enforcement and Compliance Case Studies
  5. Compliance Best Practices
  6. Sustainable Packaging
  7. Storm Water
  8. Food Waste
  9. Hazardous/Regulated Waste
  10. Water Reuse & Process Optimization
  11. Implementation of Sustainable Technologies
  12. Wastewater
  13. COVID-19
  14. Ad-hoc Session: Air 202
  15. Ad-hoc Session: Wastewater 202
  16. Ad-hoc Session: Planning & Selling CAPEX Projects

Poster Session

Chair: Jane Kettler, Johnsonville Sausage, LLC
Co-Chair: Lloyd Snyder, Woodard & Curran


The Food & Beverage Environmental Conference (FBEC) Poster Session, held both Monday and Wednesday evenings of the conference, provides a socially-conducive forum for presentations of a broad array of technical subjects to conference attendees. Lively, informal interaction between presenters and attendees should promote mutual learning and help in developing professional contacts.

A poster is a presentation that conveys a technical topic, with the authors present to guide the viewer and answer questions. Posters can be traditional documents mounted on freestanding bulletin boards or can be information displayed via alternative media. Posters work best when they address a specific situation and are divided into sections such as problem definition, goals, activities undertaken and results. Graphical material such as diagrams, photograms and charts can aid in effective communication.

All poster proposals will initially be accepted by the poster session chair and co- chair. A Technical Review Committee will review final poster submittals for accuracy and applicability. Additional guidelines will be provided to accepted posters.

Posters are welcome that address the theme or any of the session topics of this year’s conference. Suggested topics are:

  • Innovative Technologies
  • Air Pollution Strategies
  • Leveraging Information Technology
  • Globalization Impact
  • Water Reuse
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • COVID-19

This year there are two poster categories. When submitting the abstract, please note the appropriate category:

  1. Project Poster – Poster must be approved for presentation by the food and beverage processor. Attendance by that processor at the poster session is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory.
  2. Student Poster – Students are encouraged to present their research as it relates to addressing problems within the food and beverage industry.